We’ve got natural wine, vegan and organic wine, wine from small winemakers and rebels from all around Europe and beyond.

No hassle wine service:

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We are here for you in case of any questions: (030) 614 2148 or via trinken@suffberlin.de 

There’s a common phrase that we hear from our first-time customers: “I’m sorry but I don’t know much about wine…”. Our favorite response to that is: “You don’t have to know anything about wine. That’s totally ok. You’ve got us for that.”

Are you looking for that special bottle of wine to bring as present? Or a wine that matches the new dish you’re preparing tonight? O a really delicious bottle of wine for an evening in Görlitzer Park around the corner? Got a date? Or the in-laws are coming for a visit? Of course, before you have any in-laws at all you’d probably want to get married and you’ll need wine for the wedding party, right? We’ll help you find the right wine for any situation.

Visit our little wine shop in Kreuzberg, we’ve been here since 1989 and we’ll be here for a while longer.

Suff is holy. Suff is profane. Suff is local.

Suff is Suff!